Inspirational topics to open up & videos



1.If I am looking for information in a brochure on a given topic, what is important for me to find?

It is information that I understand the least, I have no experience with it, and one becomes aware of it in a certain way involuntarily. This is a significant shift in the discovery and realization of this information in reality. A point that needs to be respected for yourself.

2. What does it mean for you when you ask someone for friendly info/opinion on something that you give them as a friendly gift = free; you respect him/her as a friend and he/she starts to advise and correct you...

Maybe  no respect.

This topic is not relevant for me.

I cannot express my opinion on the given request.

3. It seems to you that the "truth" applies, that we are freest where we can limit ourselves..

4. There are things that we love as women, and that for me is a sense of fashion, focused on elegant taste and quality.For one question lady: What fashion accessory do you really love? Clearly: sunglasses.The lady answers:,... so you probably have a lot of sunglasses.My answer: No I have about 5 of them from Guess Marciano and Bollé. However, the glasses do the servis for me, not the other way around.I will focus on the current quality of my options, but I am not addicted on it, even if there are pieces that I plan to fulfill. If I don't use something for more than 1.5 years, I sell or donate it. Why should finances be closed like this in case of brand value.

In case you need a tasteful and quiet interior that tone-matches with every piece and object in the interior... here's a sample if that's up to you :)

Cooperation in the construction process client & company on one level and ship. Foreign cooperation between the client and the company brings to the project impartiality, a fulfilled dream, professionalism and exceptionality of the project.