Coats and cloaks can to a great extent specifically highlight you and choose the most luxurious comfort for you. Feeling and looking good is  the key for us.

VOGUE of Portmanteau

Portmanteau. The word evokes an image from ancient times, a romantic relic from the mists of time. A traveler holding one of these trunks, which opens in two halves, shrouded in the fog of the locomotive on the platform.

The exotic word is derived from the French porte, the imperative porter ("carry") and manteau ("cloak").

To love vogue in the form of naturalness and beauty, the quality and artistry of ideas and craft. In the current sense, in terms of practicality, timelessness and quality, it mean the number that you can pack into 2-3 suitcases for the season. Is it possible ladies, can we do it...?

                                                                                                                                     in processing with our team                                            





We are looking forward to your orders, which will gradually be prepared for dispatch from May 22, 2026
in accordance with the requirements sent by you.


With love, we specially design, prepare, create practical products for you, women's packages that create what every woman deserves.
Individual care in the practicality of life.

The aim of this project is to create models under the fashion brand Vogue of Portmanteau and to support creative, clever and interesting tailors who resonate with our way of communication, style and ability to sustain quality and preserve small and medium-sized businesses, sewn and prepared with every single piece of product directly for you.

When choosing a model cut of a coat/cloak, the quality of the fabric is ensured directly for you at the time of the current order with the current composition for you and a precise description of the composition of the quality of the fabric. All coats and cloak must be dry cleaned.

With this, among other things, we try to maintain and support this position and ensure work for people.

If you identify with this way of business, it is an honor for us to cooperate with you and globally help preserve the quality and excellence of human contact in a minimalist and specific style of creating cooperation and business.

Support for independent creative cooperation of strong personalities who persisted in remaining themselves and created balanced and satisfied cooperation through sensitive changes.

Created for women with a sensitive feeling for fashion, volume, quality of products and brands, human approach, beauty, love and gratitude as a preservation of the given virtue to the people who prepare the given product directly for the individual in the form of design, material selection, communication, packaging and shipping process and in the form of free will of their approach to the whole cooperation.

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We are preparing the Collection 36

                                                                                                              Formal and chic in RED ZONE

A portmanteau is a large suitcase. The word comes from French porter "carry" and manteau "mantle, or cloak" — so it's what you carry your clothes in.