Where investing in interior design will pay off.


You have decided to buy a property in the center, albeit with a smaller area, and it seems to you that this property is a little more expensive compared to another. If it has large windows, even on the entire wall, or even a small balcony and loggia and higher ceilings, a beautiful entrance to the apartment building, do not hesitate to invest a higher price. This is where it pays to pay for interior design services. The interior designer and implementer will quietly and tastefully propose and implement a design that agrees with you and will be according to your ideas. Small spaces can have great solutions under the hands of a sensitive and perceptive designer, feeling welcome, comfortable, generous and cozy in the given space. It is a space for your inspiration, work, rest, regeneration and occasional shorter or longer awakening in this idea of ​​reality. The center contains locals, their atmosphere of the place and the city, and the ebb and flow of visitors to the city, who diversify the given space with their otherness. Is the first impression when you walk into a potential apartment that you are considering buying pleasant, did you find yourself there? So that's the real deal.

Are you interested in a weekend property?

Weekend property? 

Are you interested in a weekend property? The key point is your interest, why that place? There is beautiful nature there, I know, so go hiking, skiing, there is a great wellness center nearby... those are the options for choosing the right location. Would you choose an already built weekend building, or would you decide to build a new weekend building with an area of ​​approx. 90-120 m2, or a 2-3 room variant and why?

8do you love the loft style of a weekend house? By using organic shapes, e.g. seats and overall environment, interconnected views of the interior and exterior, is this your style? Like it, in detail.