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DAILY multi-comfort notepads, for students as a gadget of simplicity and cleverness, for business people with a healthy lifestyle, for all of us with a specific topic to update today's human software.                                         Personally                 Stylish                     Patent                 Balanced

Pamätníková omaľovánka s "umeleckou" tvorbou.

SK version currently Krátke absurdné príbehy vyšperkované zaujímavými menami postáv a inšpiráciou pre rozvoj kreatívneho myslenia a maľby. Svet detí a dospelých tvorí v tejto publikácii jeden celok.

                              Coloring book with "art creativity"

Short absurd stories embellished with interesting character names and inspiration for the development of creative thinking and painting. In this publication, the world of children and adults forms one whole.

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